You all must have heard about the agent blonde and the Lara croft that fights the evils in order to make the world a better place. And it’s really tempting to see these superhot agents saving the world and amuse the player with their charm, beauty and the fighting skills.

But today, I will be giving you the chance of seeing not two, not three, not four but five super-hot mercenaries fighting against the deranged Saskia, who is an old foe and is back to wreak havoc after many years in exile. Yes here I am talking about the pokie called “Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn”.

As the name suggest, the action begins in the middle of the arctic tundra, where the girls are all set to fight against the saskia. Although I am not a big time player but still went to play this online slot machine as I like the theme of it considering the fact I was very of the game tomb raider and other video games that are based on the same theme.

So, in order to try out the slot machine, I made the instant download of the app in mu android mobile phone and with that I got some free spin as well, to try out the game and I felt really glad that I made the download rather than playing it online. As I read somewhere later that if you want better gaming experience then you should always opt for the offline versions.