Gladiator is certainly the best periodic movie I have ever seen. I mean there is really hard to find any flaw in this masterpiece whether it comes about the cast, screenplay, soundtrack, lyrics, dialogues or others. The whole thing about the movie was nothing less than perfect. And that’s why i watched this one several times. I really adored the plot of the story and the work of Russell Crowe was exceptionally well also.

Since I have keen interest in the history of Ancient Rome as well, so I haven’t left a single thing that is based or somewhat linked with the same. And this was the reason also that I tried this online slot machine as it revolves around the same theme of gladiator or in other words you can also say that its thoroughly based on the same theme of arcade, fight, battle in a Colosseum.

This epic slot machine is a 5 reel, fifty pay line casino slots that is crafted by Micro gaming. As the name also indicates, this pokie features a Roman gladiator theme and where the players gets the option to bet up to ten coins on each line, with a maximum coin value of dollar 0.20. And apart from this this amazing pokie also offers a special feature as well that will let the player win up to hundred free spins.

And this tempting feature made me try this, because with the free spins you don’t have to worry about losing anything and the fun you will have while playing it would be a bonus. So you can say it’s certainly a win-win situation. With the free bonus codes I played pretty well and it gave me the confidence to go for the real money and I did the same to make some money as well.