On this post I will talk about this vivacious casino slot that is filled with the most sexy mercenaries woman that are fighting against a drug dealer called hector and the story begin in the middle of a jungle, although the story line of this slot doesn’t have to anything with the way it is being played.

The reason behind that I tried this slot machine is purely the plot of the game. I mean you must have seen some other slot machine themes, where an blonde agent is trying to make the world a better place. But here with this slot I had the chance of playing with these amazing five super sexy mercenaries, who will help you win the game and eventually you also have the chance of making some real money as well.

So, in order to try the slot I first opted for the online version, where the player don’t have to download the game and he can start playing instantly to have fun at this amazing slot. But when I played it I find out that the online version has suppressed the quality of graphics and sound so I switched to the offline version and make the download of the app.

After making the download I found that there was this drastic difference between both the versions. When it comes to graphics and better experience the offline was far better than the online one and so I continued and went for the real money version and made some money out of it as well. it was really a nice experience would love to play this again in the spare time.